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Hey, I just want to say that I absolutely adore MCR! I just found this community. And I love Gee and Mikey! (And Frank! But I heard he was married...? Jamia? I only heard that she was his girlfriend before...:/) Unfortunately, I believe that Gee has a girlfriend. Grr.

Anyway, I love them all ^-^


I all joined becuz I luff those smexy WAY BROTHERS^^...Especially the MIKERS^^...that smexy bassist^^...but they rock out in SURROUND SOUND^^
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Hi! I love MCR (especially Gerard and Mikey!) so i thought... hey, I'm joinin! My names Megan and i'm 14. And i have a strange obsession with things that are red and black. With stars O_o
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I ♥ the brothers Way..so obviously, that's why I joined this little community here.

I'm Beth, I live in Florida, and I'm wearing black and white striped socks. Hello.
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